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master's project, 2022

An investigation of typically considered 'feminine' handicrafts from the 19th century, with a focus on embroidery, introducing them in a graphic design context through a non-binary lens.

the exhibition

'(non) binary code'

A visual representation of the non-binary through known associated

language that exists, the binary code. Starting with only 0’s and 1’s ending up with illegible symbols reminiscent of stars on the backside of the fabric. Throughout this project I tried to include the 'incorrect' side of the pieces, as something out of my control but still creating something beautiful.

'gender fluid'

An exploration of labels, starting with the one that I identify most with underneath the non-binary umbrella - gender fluid. I also played around with the idea of legibility, what was easily read and what needed some effort in order to decipher what was being said. I decided to do this so that if people wanted to learn more about the non-binary experience, they would have to be willing to put in the effort themselves to find out more, rather than it being expected of non-binary individuals to explain.

'be a lady, they said'

‘Be a Lady, They Said’, a poem by Camille Rainville which lists the comments women have to deal with their whole lives, and is one of the factors of why i stopped identifying as a woman. I embroidered on mesh fabric and in a continuous thread to embody the never-ending feel of such comments women receive. I also left the piece open-ended because once again such comments will never stop, there is no end.

'hands of the maker'

A nine frame animation illustrating a focus on the material and

the medium, and the process and effort which can be lost when

only looking at the final pieces.

'stitch and chat'